You're killing me, Buster.

Sort of a long and image-heavy post! You are warned! I have a small pile of things to catch up on!

I finally got this dress I've been waiting for anxiously in the mail - I'm so happy with it! It's by NaughtyPixie originally, but I got it from PP and couldn't believe my good luck. I just had this lovely inkling it was meant for Beatrix. It really, really is! It was kismet! It was karma!

Calico is also in secondhand clothes right now -- this Dolly Molly dress. I really love getting second-hand Blythe clothes. Sometimes they are a little loved, but knowing that they were on other dollies and a part of someone else's life actually makes me feel connected. Maybe it's silly, and comes from the part of my brain that sometimes forms an attachment to the packaging things I like come in. Who knows.

I'm still discovering Calico, bonding slowly with her. I was really excited to get her, but it was also not a plan. She was a crazy impulse buy. So I'm slowly circling her, wondering what she would like to wear and what makes her look "right"-est to me, and happiest. She is a mystery. I wonder if some customization is in her future. It scandalizes me to think of touching her freckles, though, so they will stay!

Plummery and I watched Forensic Files all night long the other night. It was fantastic because I just felt like crocheting and made up a few hats.

I have to say, this cheap mustard-colored acrylic yarn has gone a long, long way -- I've also made myself a cowl from the same skein -- and is oddly kind of my favorite color to see on my dolls. I made up this little flower-ish circlet out of some lace I got for my birthday and stitched on a sweet little carved wooden button (I am a sucker for wood buttons). I like it!

Finally, tonight I sat down with some plain pink fabric and an oval embroidery hoop and decided to make up something, anything. I knew I would do the word "maidensuit" (a long-time username for me, and the name of my Etsy shop besides) and then thought, what do I like? Kawaii smiling teeth! Toadstools! Pixie hats! Hearts! Flowers! I think it took me about four or five hours. Luckily I have a large appetite for the true crime shows that run at 3 AM.


  1. I'm am so proud to have your girls wear my dress :D It truly does look made for Beatrix!!

    Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE you embroidery! You should make that your sig or shop banner.

  2. Really diggin' your maidensuit freestyle embroidery. Love the pinks and browns. Great combo. Thanks a bunch for stopping over @ my site, Jane.

    Much appreciated,
    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics