Brackets Miss brackets.

I ordered some eyechips from Brainworm this morning. I've been meaning to get more for a long time. They're a reward for doing something this week I haven't done in a long time...


For some reason, I wrote my brains out last year, like at least 100,000 words total (for me, that is a lot, but for Stephen King it is probably nuthin'), and then when I geared down and stopped, I really, really stopped! I haven't written much of anything at all except posts on this blog. When I did write a little, it was a slow process and read like something put through Babelfish from Russian to English.

The stuff I've been writing this week still suffers from that particular issue, but I have been doing timed exercises which force me to write quickly and stop second-guessing myself and judging myself. I've noticed that all of my beginnings are horribly rough, but you've got to start somewhere, right? My brain gets kind of into a groove midway through, but inevitably tires faster than I'm used to. Like all brontosauruses, currently my writing is thin on one end, much, much thicker in the middle, and then thin again at the far end. I am going to have to edit these things soon and I am already dreading it... but I think eyechips will help... yup!

Also, right when I was done ordering them, someone bought a pixie hat from my Etsy shop. IMMEDIATE KARMIC JUSTIFICATION!


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