ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb (or "changes" works too)

The seamstress previously known as Calico has left, traveling arduously across many lands and distant seas to Freya of NaughtyPixie! You and I can keep up with her here on Freya's flickr. Bless the internet :D

I'm so happy that TG found a home and that I get to see what wonderful clothes she and Freya make together. I am a little sad -- how strange it was to see her missing from her spot with the rest of my girls! -- because I actually love TG a lot, but I somehow felt like she was not to be played with and I never found a style that seemed right for her. When I put her up for sale on PP I thought, "If no one buys her, then I know she's meant to stay." But then Freya messaged me and I was thrilled. So I think it worked out for the absolute best and that she's now where she was supposed to be all along! It was fun to have her in my little family for a spell though. All my best, lovely girl.

I have a post on the phenomenon of "bonding" with Blythes that I'm still working on. I have thought about it a lot in the past few months.

But bless Freya, I love her natural-feeling dresses! I bought this one for Plummery on the same day I sent TG to her. One day I will buy one for Aury, then all three of my girls will have NaughtyPixie parties.

Right now Aury is hanging out in her stock hat and DLG's stock dress with the apron-thingie I made by hand. It still needs snaps on the back. The real part that is tickling me, though, are the little striped socks she's got on. Note to self: GET MORE CUTE STRIPED SOCKS!


  1. YAAAAY! Wow, there's a lot about my dresses in this post, thanks :D
    It's serendipity indeed :D

  2. Hehe, well, I love them! :D