many cushions, a few pins

Having a little bit of a pincushion mania... I always have loads of bottlecaps so I can make up little bottlecap pincushions when the mood takes me.

And Aimee Ray posted a tutorial on how to make the cute little mushroom pincushions I love so much, so I gave it a go!

I daresay blue is my least favorite color and that also this may be quite bigger than Aimee's, but I had the circles pre-cut for a bottlecap pincushion so I was able to save a little bit of time cutting them out and using what I already had. I think it was fun to do, but that hers are cuter by default! And I don't want to lose a needle in this so I will probably only use it for stick pins and continue using little bottlecap pincushions for my embroidery needles.

Lastly, here's a quick pic of my girls in pink. You can see that my walls are an atrocious green (frankly very close to Simply Peppermint's hair but a little lighter), which goes perfectly with pink! Beatrix is wearing the crappy apron/pinafore/whatever I made a few months ago, but I only just got around to sewing a snap on the back of it the other day. Now it's a Real Boy! (Or whatever.)


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