strawberry fields forever

Yaaaay Blythe mail roundup!

Got this pink Moxie blouse for Aury. She's been wearing it as a dress though. Gurl can do dat.

I got a white knit cardigan with daisy buttons on it and Beatrix is wearing it right now. (She also attended a concert wearing it.) It's so cute!

I got this dress in the mail today and paired it with some brown capris I got a few days ago from the same person as the white daisy-button cardigan. Plummery just isn't a short dress kind of girl.

I'm expecting a couple more things: two pairs of Mary Janes and another PP dress and a pair of white pants I'm considering altering... more on that if they ever arrive!

On a different note:

I don't use this shampoo (I'm a little afraid to?? I have super-sensitive skin in general and am always struggling with shampoos that give me eczema flare-ups) but someone in my house does, and I really like the way it smells. It smells like an artificial strawberry-vanilla milkshake made by Hello Kitty in some kind of magic land where everything is pink and creamy.


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