all fists and elbows

Crocheted this little mori-ish cowl up out of pretty white wool yarn this morning and attached some pom-pons. This lead to my friend L and I pondering the usage of "pom-pons" (the cheerleading/pom squad kind) versus "pom-poms" (generally accepted as a spelling for decorative/clothing items). I guess I will use the blanket term "poms"??

I've been a bit of a whirling dervish lately. I made three hats yesterday, including the toadstool one above.

This one was lofty, conceptually speaking! Two clouds, two moods. On one side, dark and rainy, on the other, sunny and sparkly.

This bunch-of-balloons one was vaguely inspired by the ads Sofia Coppola did for Miss Dior Cherie.


But two of these hats sold rather instantly on my Etsy shop, which made me feel like the girl holding the balloons and floating away. What a good day!


  1. I love your creations! very cute :) love the pompom wrap, and the weather and balloon 'bonnets' - nice execution of some great ideas. lovely :)