business up front, party in the back

I've got a sickness, dudes. I've got pom fever and the only cure is more poms.

Friday night, I made two of these purple pixie-plus-pom hats from a skein of Silky Merino Malabrigo in "velvet grapes" (one to sell and one to keep).

Last night I made two of these white pixie-pom hats from a wool yarn I've been hoarding for months. Double the hats, quadruple the poms. Out of control, man. This fever rages on. (Plummery's got the brunt of modeling because Aury's been getting her hair set in curls for the past week.)

These are both in my Etsy!

I'm thinking of making a few deer antler hats, or at least opening up the option for commission, but the idea of pricing them (always difficult for me, on Etsy and billing with my RL jobs) and figuring out the best way to ship them without antler damage is a bit anxiety-inducing for me right now.


  1. Hello Hello!
    This is Queenpantoufle from flickr! just discovered your blog here!
    It´s so nice to see some blythe blogs outthere!

    Yay for Pompoms and yay for the deer antler hats! They are perfect for the upcoming fall and winter season, i think they would sell great! :D

  2. Hi there! So glad we can read each other's blogs now! :D I added you on PoupeeGirl too, if that's okay!

    I'm still giving the deer antler hats some thought...

  3. Haha! I'm laughing at your title!

  4. Hehe! Now I have no idea why I titled this post with that!