in headlights

Tonight I finished up a deer-themed helmet that's been sitting in my room for the past couple of weeks. I got to practice my blanket stitch (something I always forget how to do about ten seconds after I stop doing it - so I had YouTube at the ready!) and use up most of the rest of this earthy green cotton skein of yarn.

An in-progress shot. The hat wasn't even totally finished. I didn't know if I wanted it to have a strap or pom-pon ties, but I went for the over-the-topness of the pom-pons plus the antlers and the ears. Why not, right?

I'm tickled! It fits Plummery's mori personality totally. And I'm satisfied because I've had such a yen to craft for the past week but my hand's been out of commission.

True Blood tonight!!


  1. what a cute little blog you have! and I don't think that hat is over the top at all - it's lovely, especially the antlers :)

  2. Thanks so much :) I need to figure out Google Friend Connect so I can follow your blog!

  3. I'm just using the default Blogger 'friends/followers' widget, so all you need do is click on the 'Follow' button in the sidebar and click the option to follow - should be as simple as that, but let me know if you are encountering difficulties.

    The other way, is to copy my blog address and add it manually to your dashboard - I can email instructions if you wish. LMK... :)

  4. My problem is that I need to switch email addresses or Google accounts or whatever for RL privacy reasons. I don't know what information it will share, and my avatar definitely isn't right when I attempt to follow blogs using Google Friend Connect. In general it is a mess, so I need to figure out how to switch it to another account, which I am afraid will mess up my blog in some way. It's not very convenient.