I'm busy with work stuff today but I just wanted to take a second to perk myself up by looking at pretty stuff!

This mushroom bird ring at daileedose on Etsy! Oh my, I love this color for fall!

I adore this beyond words! I probably already have enough toadstools and pincushions and toadstool pincushions, though... UNLESS I SAY I'M COLLECTING THEM NOW, that makes it sound sane to others!

What a cute little pink bowed clutch. From Fredflare.

I love this straight As dress from sleepforever on Etsy. I have another plaid dress by her and it's one of my faves. I hope I can buy this one before someone else does, but I'm penny-pinching and grinding my nose on the stone and all that!

I love these socks (from Sock Dreams) in both of these colors. I feel autumn colors coming on!


  1. the bag is my favorite!
    Pink and big bows = love :D
    The ring is too cute to be true, but i fear it could complicate daily living routines when wearing .. lol

  2. oooooh... I love everything here! I'm actually surprised that I like this clutch... usually I'm not into purses. :-O
    The Blythe's dress is gorgeous! and thanks so much for the link to Daileedose! It's such a lovely shop. Now lots of their products became my Favorites. :)

    Efrat K (Fafuna from flickr)

  3. Pink + bows = love for me too, *Tea!! Pink in that shade is guaranteed to make me love anything.

    Hehe, I like that clutch too, Efrat K. I think of myself as the kind of girl who can't carry things like that (I'm really a very plain dresser so I'm afraid I would look silly with my jeans and ) but I still would like it!

  4. I know exactly what you mean by "I think of myself as the kind of girl who can't carry things like that"!! So many times I see things I really like but I just can't picture myself wearing / using them... nice to know I'm not alone. :)

  5. These are all so pretty! I think it would be totally sane 'collecting' toadstools/pincushions :D Especially if they are as adorable as this!

  6. You know, Beka... I'm starting to seriously consider it!!