Bumbie's Mom

I got those deer hats finished up last night! Hooray for sticking to goals. This flora deer hat (the one with the bright pink) has one pom with tons of pink and one pom with no pink. I like that even though sometimes I make duplicates of hats, whether by request or to use up the rest of some yarn, every hat (and every antler perched upon every hat!) is still unique in its own little way. I got to add them to my shop this morning and it was satisfying.

Also, I Hansel and Gretel'ed it from Etsy to dainty daisies and got to see one of my hats on a super-cute freckled girl... happiness!


  1. These hats are awesome! I will be buying one very soon!

  2. I *love* this photo! It's super pretty!! And the hats are lovely as always... I SO want one of these... someday...

  3. Thanks, Michele!! :D

    Thank you so much, Efrat, you always have the sweetest things to say :)