everything a big bad wolf could want

Who's that I see walkin' in these woods? Why, it's Little Red Riding Hood.
- Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs

I know I post pics of deer hats all the time lately, but I've been making so many of them!! Right now, on my girls and on my desk in various niches, there are eleven. ELEVEN.

It makes me quite happy to see so many little pointed hats and antlers and fluffs of pom. Half the fun of having Blythes is the dollies themselves and their little clothes and pretty faces, but the other half is getting to focus my crafting habits and felt addiction on them.

Currently there are fauna, flora, flossy, frost, and this lovely berry color (fraise) hats all in my shop.

I apologize if it gets tiresome seeing be-antlered accoutrements, but I am honestly just doing whatever floats my boat. This blog is quite the "what I did today, which I realize is boring for others" sort of thing most of the time, but it's really just for my own pleasure. :)


  1. oh, i can´t get enough of your deer antler helmets!
    PS: Gavin is such a beauty!

  2. I agree - your antler hats are so sweet! Even my mom loves them - I showed her pictures of your blythes and she loved the hats. :)
    Actually, what you said about "I am honestly just doing whatever floats my boat" is *inspiring*. I really think I should adapt this attitude. And so is the last sentence about your blog being just for your own pleasure, so *thank you*.
    Efrat (Fafuna from flickr)

  3. I love your shelf unit, really interesting :D

  4. Adorables!!!! I don't think Blythe fans could ever get tired of seeing your cute girls in deer antlers. <3333

  5. Thank you, everyone!!

    *Tea - Thank you, I have come to love her really fast!

    Efrat - Oh how cool! HI, YOUR MOM! I'm touched you found what I said inspiring... I guess because Blythe is my hobby and what I do for fun and joy, it does me well to remember to do it for myself instead of others. Blogging can turn into something you are doing for others so easily, or a point of stress, or come to seem like a job. I think it's great to have a certain amount of connection and awareness of your readers, if you are lucky enough to have them, but at the end of the day, why do something for a hobby unless it makes you happy?

    Freya - Hehe, thanks! It's part of the hutch on my desk. All the spaces are stuffed full of craft junk and stuff... and the girls stand on top of it all!

    Michele - Thank you so much! <3333

  6. I think you blog is wonderful! Blogging for yourself should be your main priority, in my opinion - I think that's how all the best/most popular blogs started out, rather than for blogging for others. So ditto to Efrat for saying so. It is so easy to slide into blogging for others and then falling off the path - just as Little Red Riding Hood did, so I believe, and look what happened to her! :D Keep blogging what floats your boat, and I will try to do the same :D

  7. Belatedly, thanks, Beka! It really is easy to become wrapped up in an audience, followers, customers, the possibility of doing something more so you can also reap more of the rewards that an audience can result in. But I think at the end of the day, that's just not for me... However I do really like things like tutorials so I appreciate it a lot when you and others take the time to do something like that for their readers. :D