girly joy

I emerged this morning and found this box by my door!

"There's a box for you," sang my mother, who knew I was expecting a new Blythe.

"A BOX, FOR ME?" I echoed. (Internal Caps Lock was on.)

My dad said, "Yeah, but it's ticking, so..."

I can't believe how quickly she arrived! She was in Chicago, last I checked, and I didn't know if she would get through customs very quickly or if I wouldn't be seeing her till next week.

I love the deboxing process; I am not strictly ceremonial about it, but have done it enough now to know that I like to do it at my own leisure, in private, with clean hands. I feel like it's a big part of "bonding" with a girl. It can be hilariously frustrating to slowly peel off stock taped to the box, but still, when I don't get to do that, I miss it in a way.

PDPa came with plastic on her arms and legs! That's new to me!

She has the loveliest wee round face. This is my first time seeing an FBL in real life and, along with her semi-matte skin, the difference to me is palpable. She's out of her box with all her stock on now, standing with my other girls where they hang out on my desk.

Also, her name is Gavin. For some reason, this is just obviously her name. I don't know why it stuck when it tumbled through my head, but when I finally had her in hand, she just was Gavin. When it's right, it's right!

I can't wait to find a dress just for her!


  1. Yay! for new dollies! She's totally adorable!

  2. So fun :D I'm a spoiled girl right now!