gorging myself

First, can I just say re: America's Next Top Model (yes, I still watch this hilarious trainwreck; I just mute Tyra)... TEAM ANN! I love-love-love the awkward girls, and I love her sense of humor. When she was joking about her ideal guy being a warlock, breathing fire, and knowing how to make sushi, I was just like, "You just won me for the rest of the cycle!" Then she took the best picture. Saw that coming!

(I like Kayla too. She seems very sweet. Rhianna, aka "Willow," is interesting too.)

I have been continuously producing deer hats these days. I find that I am getting messaged about them on Etsy a lot (sometimes for infant/adult sizes, neither of which I can do) and I am very happy to make them (for Blythe-sized heads) anytime! I currently have three yarn colorways I am continuously getting at the craft store and I'm about to start work on a fourth color option, if I can get a breath. It seems like the days are really draining away in a blur of antlers and the UPS store.

The antlers are so time-consuming to cut, sew together, stuff, and attach that I find doing them in their separate stages in batches really helps me out. I can do that while chatting online or listening to music or waiting around for something. Then sometimes I just feel like sitting around crocheting and watching TV, so I'll do two or three hats at a time that way, and they'll sit around waiting to be deer-ified.

However this week I've been slow to get any fully complete because I've been working on an embroidery/applique project!! I'm excited because I like to embroider but full projects typically take me months. But I'm quick at applique after years of Sticking Stuff Onto Other Stuff. Here's a teaser:


  1. Have you heard about the new "middie" Blythe? I don't know a thing about 'em, but someone tweeted something about them earlier today. I followed the link - I was on my iPhone - and all I know is that it's going to be a size inbetween the neo and the petite! i couldn't read anything because it was in japanese and I just now remembered. I need to look into it! I'm excited so you better get to learning how to make middie sized Blythe hats!. ;) Oh, I can't wait to see your finished embroidery. It looks really cute so far!

  2. Yes! The Middie looks cute, although I'm not sure what I think about her yet. I need more pics and comparisons!!