October's around the corner!

It was blissful outside today. Cool, crisp, clean-feeling. I sat outside taking pics of my dolls for a while by my favorite tree and was just basking in how nice it felt.  I got a ton of pictures taken, mostly of Plummery modeling the frost hat.  (Frost hats are available in my shop; they're $2 more than my others due to the beadwork.)

But also including an updated family portrait:

I never got one taken with Tailor Gibson, who moved to Freya's, and that seems to have worked out for the very best. I'm blissful with each of my girls right now. Gavin's settled in really well. She got her bunny boots in the mail yesterday.

I love these boots! I got them from Dollland on eBay. I was worried they would be too big, but they fit easily and they stay on (my biggest requirement with Blythe shoes... I can't stand it when their shoes just fall off when I pick them up off their stand!) and they were relatively cheap. Shipping cost more than the boots themselves. I will probably buy another pair in pink!!


  1. I love this photo of all your blythes together! I would probably develop it and hang it in my house if I were you... They are so cute and the colors are just pretty!
    May I ask why did you sell your Tailor Gibson?just curious... :)
    And one more question - does each of your Blythes have her own clothes and shoes? It sounds so fun! :)

  2. Thank you, you're so sweet :)

    I sold my Tailor Gibson because I felt like I wasn't bonding with her very much. I LOVE Tailor Gibson - I love her freckles and I love her stock, but I got her nude/used and I never felt like I was clothing her properly or like I knew her personality. I decided I would rather part with her and use the money to buy my best Blythe-curious friend a Blythe for her birthday. So Tailor Gibson moved on and I bought a Cassiopeia Spice for my friend! I might still have her if I hadn't wanted to buy CS for my friend so badly but I think it worked out for the best in every way. :)

    Also, yes, I think all of my dolls have at least one dress/pair of shoes that is theirs and theirs alone. They share a wardrobe and swap their stock, but some dresses I got particularly for one of them so I tend to think of them as "Gavin's dress" or "Aury's boots." All my Blythes' clothes fit in a shoebox-sized box (I have about 30 dresses/outfits). I'm still acquiring!

  3. wow, you are such a good friend! wish I had friends who would buy me Blythes! ;)

    I think i'm going to do the same about my blythes' clothes... it sounds really fun! thanks for the idea <3 hugs!

  4. It's definitely the most expensive present I've ever gotten for someone else! But I thought it was worth it if she was interested. It's more fun when it's shared fun.

    <3 Yay, Blythe wardrobes!

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