Happy September! It's raining outside; gray weather is my favorite. I am the opposite of people with S.A.D. -- I feel delicious when it's icky out and I am safe and warm inside. Today I'm doing some typing work, then finishing up another two deer hats. That's my goal, anyway!

Last night I made a purchase I've been hovering over for the past couple of months...

A Prima Dolly Paris. It's funny because I don't like her stock at all, so I didn't even look closer at her for a long while. But I found myself favoriting pics of her on Flickr every time I saw her, and I especially like ones that have been customized a little, so I will probably be doing a bit of that on her too. Not sure yet. You never can tell how you will feel about a girl when you meet her in person, and I still am nervous from not wanting to mess with Tailor Gibson!

Thanks to some good luck and to everyone who's bought hats lately... it's helped me save up for this girl! I expect her to be my last doll until next year. I am already window shopping for her (I don't know if it's just me, but I waver on Etsy purchases for so long sometimes that I miss them completely while I am waffling... I've already missed out on three dresses this past week). It's a good change from flickr-stalking. Here's a few pictures of other PDPs I love!

1. Blueberry forest II, 2. Theodora Love 3, 3. Doyle Spam, 4. Untitled, 5. Colette, 6. Candice camerawoman, 7. Theodora veste Cutie Store, 8. Luna, 9. Bambi


  1. congrats for you new girl! it is always such a difference looking at the stock pictures and seeing some "real" & lively photos from others.

  2. wow!!! congrats! that's so great. I'm sure you're super happy. :) can't wait to see her photos with Aury, Beatrix & Plummery! I'm sure they'll be best friends ;)

  3. Thank you, ladies!! <3 She's already made it to the States (so quickly!) but she's in customs, I hope I get her soon!