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Gavin has spent her first week here in her stock and then in random bits and bobs that didn't suit her, but finally one of the dresses I scored on PP for her arrived today!

Oh, pretty girl! That white hair makes her look like a Tim Burton character. It's just about the time of year where I slip into my annual "Why Can't I Dress Like Katrina Van Tassel??" obsession.

More on that later, I'm sure. Every year around September/October I go absolutely nuts and watch Sleepy Hollow on loop just to lust over her dresses.

This past week, I have scoured the internet and scooped up a bunch of good neutral stuff, half of it specifically for Gavin (the bunny boots are particularly for her).

Contrary to how it may seem, I have hardly any clothes for my girls! Spread over four dolls, I'm lucky if they all have shoes on. Even now Plummery is barefoot. What I need: a white blouse, a petticoat, more cardigans, more socks and shoes! What I've got: a huge box full of hats!


  1. She looks so dreamy! And I can totally relate to the whole Tim Burton seasonal fetish, LOL! Ditto to the lack of dolly wardrobe, despite appearances and my making things also - what is with that?!

    Anyways, there is something coming to my blog on Monday that I was hoping you might offer your opinion on, please? I'd really appreciate it as I know it will be right up your alley ;)


  2. Love the dress and the nuetral palette is fabulous! I love to watch Marie Antoinette for all the eye candy! And Sweeney Todd!

  3. Of course I will offer my opinion, Beka, if it is desired! :D BTW I love the Blythe silhouettes in your shop. Silhouettes are so romantic.

    I really need to watch Marie Antoinette, Michele! I can't believe I haven't seen it, at least for the eye candy!

  4. Thank you Jane, I really would appreciate your thoughts. BTW, do you 'Twit'?

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