Eureka! (Part II)

I got to spend a lot of time taking pics of my girls in the woods over my weekend! E was my assistant, holding my girls between shots and sometimes for shots. She also dressed one of them up for picture-taking. I've never had anyone playing with my girls with me -- it was fun!! We sat up in the loft and her mom came up and said we were just like the girls from the Little House books, up in the loft playing with our dolls. I thought it was a sweet thing for her mom to say.

There was a patch of clover and Aury wanted to model this yo-yo bag my mom made, along with a dress also made by my mom, haha! With her little green Mary Janes and green eyes she looked so sweet.

Toadstools!! Me and Plummery's fave!

E picked out this outfit for Beatrix. We thought she looked like a little woodland maid. So sweet! E also tucked one of DLG's stock flower hairpins into her apron and I was like, "That is so cute!" I never would've thought of it.

Plummery did some ambitious mountain-climbing. Well, they were mountains for her, anyway!

Aury got to wear the bunny suit, which is not often used. It's so furry and soft. There were lots of places for a bunny such as herself to hide...

The cutest thing was this little tree with a hole in it. Just like a storybook!

Such an awesome weekend. Here's a family portrait of the girls in the woods. So autumny and pretty, my girls were right at home.

Beatrix is staying behind in Arkansas with Margy while my epic Blythe carry bag is being constructed. She's going to help out with its creation and be the model. She'll be there till Thanksgiving, when E will return her to me. It was so, so hard to decide who would stay behind -- I mean, I brought all of them because I couldn't just pick one or two to bring. I would miss any of them. But I could not leave Aury, I'm too bonded to her. She's my girl and I am really attached to her. She goes so many places with me. I would really miss her the most. But Plummery is the super-flyest deer hat model I have so I knew I would need her for photos, and Gavin is too new to leave for two months. I love her lots but I'm still bonding with her, too, so I felt like not seeing her for two months would be too hard. So Beatrix won the draw.

It sort of makes sense, since she's the girl I have fussed with the most. I've boiled and cut her hair, I've changed out all her chips, I'm going to give (or get) her a face-up sooner or later. She's the logical choice to bring good Blythey luck to Margy as she makes my bag. I really miss her though!! My family's just not complete without her.


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