heavy is the big ol' Blythe head?

My new hobby, at least while I'm still getting a kick out of them - flower crowns!

Here are Plummery and Beatrix's. Along with the fake flowers, they both feature acorns, quite remarkably small ones, that I picked up out of my yard. The process of making these is still in flux, but ideally I'd like to offer flower crowns for Blythe in my shop eventually. Right now I'm just experimenting with band styles and techniques and enjoying making one for each of my girls.

I'm still doing Gavin's, but it'll have to wait a few days, because I'm going on a weekend trip with my best friend since kindergarten, E (she knitted that fabulous mustard yellow dress above!), and we're going to have a marvelous time visiting her parents, checking out area shops, taking pictures, and probably being lazy and giggly. I'm... kinda taking all my Blythes with me. (!!!) I could not decide who to leave and I get weird separation anxiety, which I realize sounds really lame, but I always want to take at least one girl with me everywhere and for me this trip is too exciting to not tote them all along. So I've packed the girls for the trip and we'll be back next week!

Have a great weekend!!


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