the pumpkin king with the skeleton grin

Carved pumpkins with my friend J today. He said he hadn't carved a pumpkin in 15 years, and then admitted that even when he was little, his dad was the primary pumpkin carver. This just would not stand -- I am a total pumpkin carver. I don't do anything that requires a kit or a pattern. I just want a jack-o'-lantern with a face, whether it's glowering or the happiest creature on the earth...

Like J's pumpkin clearly is. It just looks so guileless!! It's about the happiest little pumpkin I've ever seen!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Hallowee~n!

    Oh i love pumpkin carving!
    Although, we don´t have much of a Halloween tradition here in Germany... haha :D

    It got quite popular for little kids the last 2 or 3 years though... ^_^;

  2. I think for a while in the States, Halloween died out a bit because of the Columbine high school shootings and then September 11th. We got close to no trick-or-treaters for a few years. But now it seems to be picking up again! Yay!