caught in a landslide

Gosh, so, the Thanksgiving sale I had was a major success. I had no real idea if anything would happen with it, but all of my deer hats sold. In fact, more than I had on hand because frost hats were what people seemed to want, so I made a lot of frost hats on the fly by request.

The woe of it all was that I had trouble finding the colorway of yarn I use for frost hats because it was all sold out at one place and way more expensive at another (and there was only one left there, so I just went ahead and snapped it up). Also, for some reason all the craft stores in my area -- and I did check every one -- are currently not stocking the shade of felt I use to make antlers, which is tagged "ivory." All they have is "champagne," and it's noticably more beige. Particularly against the white frost yarn, champage just looks off to me. I was really lucky to find 40% of a piece of ivory in my felt stash from before I was actively cutting antlers all the time that I was able to cut carefully enough to have antlers for all the frost hats. I didn't want to send a product that looked off or different than what anyone was expecting.

So the hats bought during the Thanksgiving sale are the last with ivory antlers until I find an alternate source for ivory felt that's, you know, reasonable. I've looked around online but I don't want to buy 25 sheets because I will never ever use that much, or pay 10 dollars shipping for one sheet. Seriously!! I'll keep looking locally but I feel like whoever produces the felt made the choice to switch from ivory to champagne. Why else would three different craft stores all suddenly have one color and not the other?

I picked up this yarn colorway while I was at one of the craft stores that I don't go to as often; I'm not drawn to blue but I thought it was so pretty and it wasn't at any of the closer stores. It's blue, brown, and green, all the colors of the world...

It's got champagne antlers though. I don't know! They just look weird to me!

Anyway, this Thanksgiving sale has made it possible for me to get a lot of Christmas shopping done. My humble thanks to anyone who would bother to spend money on anything I made.

Although Thanksgiving is a couple of days past now, a list of things I am thankful for:

  • Blythe/Blythe fans - I really love this community.
  • food! There's been no shortage of it this holiday weekend!
  • my rats, old men that they are
  • my bed, for it is comfortable
  • Dexter... I mean, it's getting real now, dudes!

    1. wow, I really enjoyed reading about your adventures in the search after the exact right products you needed! I have no idea why, but it just was so much fun to read! :)
      I'm really happy for you that the sale was such a huge success! I wish I could buy a hat or two... But I will, someday, I'm sure! :)
      The champagne antlers look just fine to me, and I love that new hat! It's gorgeous!!

      And speaking of lists of things we are thankful for... I'm thankful for Cure Touch. I really, really love your blog! <3

    2. Haha... you're so sweet!! I was like, "Oh well, that was boring." But I had to vent somewhere I guess :)

      Thank you so much! Your comment is so uplifting to me :D

    3. If you can't vent on your blog, where can you? Eh? But seriously, great to hear your shop sales are doing so well. Congrats on all your successes :D

    4. Hehe - so true, Beka! I like for my blog to be my own personal "happy place" but sometimes life just gets crazy. Thanks so much, I hope the same for you <3