elementary school teacher-approved

I know, I know, it's not Christmas time yet... so I promise I won't speak about it again till after Thanksgiving! But for now:

Thanks to a couple of people talking about them on Twitter I was alerted to these cute $2 mini-sweater ornaments from Target that turned out to be pretty perfect for Blythe after a bit of altering! (I snipped where the collar was sewn together to open it up a bit more, whip-stitched each side of the fabric so it wouldn't come apart, and added a snap to close it up again with. I just learned WTF a whip-stitch is earlier) I just got one, but they had at least two styles that I saw. Thanks so much, Twitter friends!

Its kitschy gloriousness makes me hear Andy Williams in my head! I'm letting Aury wear it today... then it'll go into the wardrobe till December! I can't wait till Beatrix is back with me and I can dress my girls up in all kinds of holiday finery for Christmas. But I'll keep a lid on it till after Turkey Day!

My mother and I have a possible project in the pipeline... more on that later!


  1. Cute sweater/idea! I just saw this picture over on flickr and that sweater is what caught my attention. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm grateful people were talking about these sweater ornaments, they're really perfect :D

  3. ohhoo~... these are so cute! love them!
    sooo sad, i can´t get them here...