I have been making a lot of these little bear-eared beanies lately... they come together really quickly, so now I have a pile of them. I don't really love to crochet in the round, but frankly it took me forever to figure out that pattern! I'm so bad at figuring out what patterns are wanting me to do that I attempted this one three different times with three different yet equally poor results. Then suddenly it just worked, so I'm making lots right now and I think I might give away extras as freebies with Etsy packages if I start having trouble opening my door because my room is so full of beanies...

Recently I did a trade with Fliss of Millie Made - check out her Adorable Audrey be-antlered with a deer hat. So cute! She is making me a couple of cardigans and some mittens! Just in time, too, because I am absolutely freezing lately. Totally in the mood for crochet and knitwear.

This crochet dress by crispipop is so adorable!!

Adorable heart-print winter knits by ohchiwawa!

Geeky bliss from Dollystory! (How do you tell the difference between Pac-man and Ms. Pac-man, really?)

Legwarmers!! I so want to knit my girls some legwarmers! Especially Plummery, she loves legwarmers and her stock legwarmers are some of my favorite stock items. Unfortunately I have no idea how to and I don't have any tiny needles or tiny yarn.


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