"mania" is the umbrella term

It has been crazytimes here. I have had so much work to do! For some crazy reason I thought I'd be done with my work by November 14 and I could just spend the week faffing around attaching antlers to everything in the universe and, I don't know, watching Pretty Little Liars. Don't they say, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans"?

Beatrix is due back from her time away as a Blythe carry bag model after Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see her again. I looked at a bunch of pictures of her the other day and just wanted to kiss her shiny little forehead. I got a sleepforever dress I'm keeping aside for her to wear when she gets back and I'm also looking forward to dressing my girls up in red and green -- I guess I've already gotten started on the red part.

Man, am I going to goof off BIG-TIME in December. (I hope God does not read my blog.)


  1. haha, you must think i'm such a stalker now! but you are so inspiring, i love your blog!
    so no offense if i start designing mine and it looks eerily familiar... ;) though i don't think i'd come half as close!

  2. Sabrina - Haha, well thanks so much! I would be flattered :D Hey, is your email address named after the Eisley song?

    Thanks so much, Michele!