November Rain

Blog makeover... how can I resist that pink-haired Vinter Arden/Garden? I'm seriously thinking she might join my Blythe family.

With November here, I'm officially in Christmas mode (it happens to me very early in the year, just like it happens to stores everywhere, but especially because Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday so I don't think very much about it). That means I'm a penny-pincher for the next two months.

But I just finished the second of two journals I bought myself last Christmas - I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did - so I had to pick up a couple of new ones this week. I had trouble finding any I liked at Target, which is where I usually pick up journals on the cheap. Staples had these though:

I'm using the pink one first. I hope I like it; I'll write with any pen but I'm picky about the quality of the paper I'm writing on. I like the covers, though. Florals!

Gavin got a new dress this weekend from sleepforever! It's black and gray with some bits of sparkly gold on it. She's starting to have a few wardrobe options. Lord, I need to learn to sew.


  1. I *love* your makeover! It's so pretty!! (but I loved the previous design a lot too :)) How did you create the background? I love it!
    Your new journals look great! The floral covers are amazing (I'm a sucker for florals... :))
    And Gavin's dress... *sigh*... it's gorgeous!!

    Oh, and I love the My Blythe Family page! I was planning on making one for my blog too. When I read a Blythe blog, I love knowing the names of the dollies and if they have been customized or not etc. :)

  2. Thanks so much :D I believe I just Googled for floral backgrounds some time ago; I have a folder full of that kind of thing. I'm a sucker for florals too :D

    You should totally do a page on your blog about your Blythe family! I am always interested to see what people have to say about their girls.

  3. I love the new Blythe! In a way I hope I don't like her in real life lol I can't go pining for another girl.

  4. Hehe, I totally know what you mean. If she's not as magical in real life as she is in the art, I can't say my bank account will be disappointed!

  5. still no real pics of Winter Arden... so curious about them!

  6. Yeah, what's up with this mysterious lack of Winter Arden pics??