on sale, with thanks!

A bunch of stuff in my Etsy shop is on sale for the next week, till midnight on Thanksgiving. All deer hats are $3 off the usual price, and yes, if you want, I'll put a strap on it for you instead! Some other little hats are on sale too.

I have twelve deer hats within my line of sight just sitting here at my desk; it's getting stupid. Take 'em off my hands!


  1. oh, i wish i wouldn´t be that short on money atm. christmas is near by and Vintaaaruden wants to join our family too....
    i have an eye on your "cherie balloon pixie hat" already for a long time!
    but: we need to hold our pennies together...*sight*

  2. Tea - if you would ever like to do a trade for one of your sweet dresses, let me know!!