Happy New Year!

Greetings, loved ones! Nothing like a little innocent piracy to cap off the year. I put together this playlist for myself of songs that I either listened to a lot this year or that represent something to me, something I did or moments shared with others.

Hot Summer Jams 2010
(eta: Blogger has made me take down the music, but I'm leaving the image.)

I don't really make resolutions. I don't think I can resolve to do something for an entire year! And I feel like if I make it a "thing," then I'll be all the more likely to give up sooner and feel like I have failed. Simple ideas work more for me.

In 2011, I'd like to...
  • wear dresses more often
  • keep practicing my knitting
  • be sure to do things for fun and not just for work
  • build up my Blythes' wardrobes a little more... six girls and not near enough dresses to go around!

  • Anyway: I'm really excited that Pretty Little Liars will be back on January 3!! It's so campy and fun (think of a mash-up of Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, and perhaps something like Degrassi -- I've never seen Degrassi so I'm not positive about that, but there's drama and Canadian accents and Emily is hot for girls!), great eye candy, and my fave actress Alona Tal will be joining the cast to wreak havoc upon my least favorite character, Aria.

    I'm so stoked! In the first episode, Hanna is carrying this super-cute bag from Payless, of all places:

    It doesn't appear to still be available online (it's listed on the website still, but when you go to the page, it says "No inventory is available for the selected product"), but I drove to the store this morning and snatched up the very last one on the shelf!! YAY! $15 well spent!


    1. Happy new year dear
      and enjoy your new bag, it's so lovely!

    2. Thank you! I've really been enjoying it. Happy New Year to you too!