"I've got winter madness."

It snowed last night!!!

It brought me the feeling I had last year when I had just gotten Aury, was snowed in, and started this blog. I was happy and took my Vinter Arden out immediately. Then I settled on a name for her, finally. I felt bad she was nameless for so long. Her name is Klara. I had a handful of names in my mind, but none of them really stuck; I got Klara from thinking about the book Heidi. It means "clear" and "bright."

I took both Aury and Klara out into the snow, since they are dressed for the cold weather. My first Blythe and my most recent, both winter girls at heart -- Ice Rune and Vinter Arden! Of course they had to go out to play in the snow.

I love Aury in her Reve de Rui dress and jacket, coolcat boots, and her rust-orange bear-eared hat that I crocheted a while ago!! I have the biggest, mushiest soft spot for Aury. (All the other girls know, and they are okay with it.)

My Takara Shoe Cruise Day set got here today, too. I tried out all the shoes immediately. First impression: they smell really, really plasticy... and I'm not sure how I will pair them with the clothing my girls have right now. But I like them and maybe they'll open up more clothing options! The light blue Mary Janes are very cute.