looking up

Beatrix has gotten a gaze lift! My fingers ache with how many times I've opened her head in the past week, unscrewed the t-bar, pried out the eye mech and then urged it back into place again, and fiddled with everything.

For aid on how to open her up and remove her eye mech, I found YouTube videos by BlytheMaster the most helpful. The flickering in the videos is distracting but it's nice to actually see something being done instead of just reading instructions. Pictures and instructions can only get me so far! I wonder why there are not more Blythe video tutorials out there.


  1. Is this a call to action? I don't know why not either. Good point :)

    Good for you to brave the 'head-opening' technique! And for your success in altering her gaze. A few customisations are on the cards again this year for my girls - tutorials entirely feasible :D

  2. IT TOTALLY IS A CALL TO ACTION! I thought, "Maybe I should make some videos when I learn how to do this stuff" because I've been wondering why there just don't seem to be any out there.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for your girls!