lovebox day

I got belated Christmas gifts in the mail from my friend L today. She puts together what I have come to term "loveboxes" because they are boxes filled with 100% pure love. Inside the box were new clothes for Aury, Beatrix, and Plummery... I have been wanting a pomme-pomme dress for Beatrix for a long time, and in addition to that, she got some geeky specs and finally looks a whole lot more like the Beatrix in my brain looks, and Aury and Plummery are decked out H2T (that's a Tyra Banks-ism, because they're that fierce) in rêve de Rui*. Gavin got a new necklace and still has a new dress on the way.

I woke up with a cold and spent much of my day in a fort made of out Kleenex, but then the lovebox arrived and now my spirits couldn't be higher. I toted all my girls outside into the cold for an updated family portrait:

Yay!! My girls!! Vinter Arden doesn't have a name yet (there are some rattling around in my brain, but she's almost too dreamy to pin down), Petaline doesn't yet have her very own dress, and I'm really kind of still surprised that my family has grown and am still getting used to my newbies, but... I'm very happy! I have no idea how it works that some people can have more than six Blythes and fit them all into a picture though.

It's a goal of mine right now to buy more Blythe clothes, because I have more girls to clothe now and really sort of a small wardrobe. They do share outfits but I also like for each of them to have at least one thing that I got just for them, that suits them well in particular. I also am ever in need of socks and shoes; it seems like I always take pause when I'm dressing up my girls to wonder about tights and socks and shoes. I decided to buy this Takara shoe set:

Mainly because of the Mary Janes; I like the style of them very much (more than the "retro" style with the stacked heels) and I think they're the same mold as Very Vicky's. I got the "day" set but I think if I like any of these shoes enough, I'll buy the "night" set too.

I'm expecting it in the mail any day now.

I also must enthuse about the clothes from rêve de Rui*, for they are already some of my very favorite dresses ever!! They're just PERFECT for my girls and the quality is so nice. I can tell I will be buying more of *Rui's stuff ASAP.


  1. T___T


    Merry belated Christmas, and I hope this is a good start on your wishlist for 2011.

  2. This is a wonderful portrait and I also really like Rui's clothes! Can't wait to have some paypal money to order few items.

  3. The girls are adorable and wow do they have perfectly coiffed hair! ^__^

  4. Haha, I have made alarming progress on my 2011 wishlist. Thanks, pupe :D

    I just picked out a few more items from Rui's Flickr to order earlier today, Ilil! It's so exciting!!!

    Thanks, Michele! I'm flattered! A couple of my girls have had challenging hair issues as of late!