mad about hats

Earlier I decided to relist this duplicate of a pixie hat that I made for someone who wanted one. However they never bought it and it sat in my shop and the listing expired. Right now Petaline is wearing it (with the frabjulous light blue Mary Janes from the Takara set I got the other day). What the hey. The ribbon was a little frayed on one end but I trimmed it up just now.

Poor Petaline has been wearing her sisters' dresses since I changed her from her stock. I have been searching high and low every day for something she might like to wear. She's quite chic, you know. More chic than me. Ha! She wants something fancy, and she'd rather wear a beret than a pixie hat. "But Sofia Coppola directed this hat," I whispered to her.

Yesterday my mother and I went on a mission for silly hats at a costume shop for a party she's having tomorrow. I got this furry abomination (I think it's a wolf? Or a coyote) and I have hardly wanted to take it off since I got it!! I actually never wear hats at all, personally, so it is strange that I would sleep in this hat if I could. It keeps my ears toasty warm. I put a pink bow on one of its ears, like a mutated Hello Kitty. It makes me LOL.

I also got a bunch of yarn today... I must go crochet it all up!!


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