(This is only half of it.)

Ah, the agony and the bliss of waiting for Blythe mail!! Is it just me, or is the mail taking forever these days? I feel like it is :( I'm expecting so many things. Here's some of what I'm expecting...

This strawberry frock from Jolie Doll... oh, to pair it with a cute pixie hat... it's more of a spring/summer look though.

A warm, rustic sweaterdress from WoollyRockers!! Klara, I got you covered, gurl.

I finally settled on a dress especially for Petaline from LadyBird House. I have to admit I usually pass by dresses with the blingy buckle, but I guess Petaline is just that kind of girl! I hope she loves it.

Also, I ordered some eyechips from Brainworm for Miss Petaline. Very Vicky is so beautiful, but I just don't like the stock blue, green, and orange chips on her! They bring her down, man, especially the orange pair (which I really like on some girls, actually). I almost never leave her eyes on any set other than her special pale greens. She needs a couple of pairs switched out so she doesn't look to the left all her life.

I got steel blue, ocean, and burnt umber. The ocean set is going to go to another girl, I think... more on that when the smell of hot glue is in the air.


  1. Wow!
    So many lovely new goodies for your girls
    They are lucky!

  2. Yes they are... I think they have more clothes than I do!!