February fly-by.

Hooray! The snow has abated and melted, so I can actually leave my house freely and Klara and I will not come indoors with our boots all crystalized anymore. For a while, anyway.

Klara isn't even wearing her stock boots right now! She's trying on this pair from the Takara Shoe Cruise Day set with an old favorite dress that I think was about $2 on Blythe Kingdom back when it was Plastic Paradise, Takara bloomers, and a lovely knitted shrug by Fliss.

Happy-making things recently acquired:

Bunny candy dish which I will use for bobbypins and hairties or other loose randomness that collects on my bedside table, probably! IT'S JUST SO CUTE!!

Pre-ordered this bundle of Eisley's new album The Valley plus a t-shirt (that I mainly couldn't resist because I really want to make a feathery owly dress like that for my girls... I've seen tutorials for humans, so it seems doable for a Blythe too)! I'm really excited about The Valley finally being released and for Stacy's side-project with her husband and Jeremy Larson too.

Also, I got this dress gifted to me from ObviousZebra and it was unexpected and very mood-lifting! I ruined the entire effect by Katy Perrying this picture of Drew in it, but -- people can be so lovely sometimes.

business in front... party in the back!

Today I relisted some hats in my Etsy shop. Some were relistings of things that never sold, and a couple were old hats I have sitting around in my hat box. My hat box has been overflowing for a while. I would just like to clear them on out. I like to make stuff so much, but I don't need six zillion hats.

Readers of my blog, please feel free to use the coupon code FEBRUARY10 to receive 10% off any hat in the shop. This will be active through February 17.

(I like to have sales around holidays that I don't like!!!)

pure magic!!

I am snowed in as snowed in can be. It just keeps snowing and icing over, making it impossible to leave the house! But my snow-flurry-filled day was brightened up immensely by a package from Freya of NaughtyPixie. Inside was THE MOST AMAZING OUTFIT!

I asked Freya if she would make my girls something mori girl inspired -- besides DLG and VA's stock and some Reve de Rui pieces, I've found it difficult to find mori-ish clothing for my girls. Mori girl is a fashion that is ever-evolving, but in essence: mori girls look like fairytale forest wanderers in their loose dresses, vintage prints and quaint accessories.

( source )

Mori girl is often neutral and light in tone, sometimes splashed with darker earthy colors like forest green and blended with other styles like dolly kei and natural kei. It's often a very, very layered look... which makes this outfit perfect, as it has bloomers, a lace skirt, a beautifully intricate blouse which I'll probably show off more later because it's STUNNING, and this frock over it, which is more beautiful in person than I can capture in photos. I think it actually makes for a lovely natural-kei outfit too. It's all so nautral and airy... and Freya also sent me lovely striped socks and some classy white Mary Janes!! Petaline loves Mary Janes!

Thank you, Freya!!

Oh, yeah -- my blog got a little makeover with a new header. I'm feeling the blue lately.

Heidi braids

Current hairstyle obsession:

My hair is really long (really long!! My sister called it "Pentacostal hair" but actually it's "I don't want to bother to cut my hair" hair) so I really have a lot to pin down because my braids are too long to just go over my head once. But I had a go at the Heidi braids anyway. This text/pictures tutorial and this video tutorial were both cute and helpful.

It wasn't until after I had finished that I remembered that I used to do this hairstyle on my Kirsten doll all the time...!!

snow daze

The past week has been spent indoors. We had a blizzard early this week and wound up with about twenty inches, and today we got three more inches. I hope the monotony will end soon!