business in front... party in the back!

Today I relisted some hats in my Etsy shop. Some were relistings of things that never sold, and a couple were old hats I have sitting around in my hat box. My hat box has been overflowing for a while. I would just like to clear them on out. I like to make stuff so much, but I don't need six zillion hats.

Readers of my blog, please feel free to use the coupon code FEBRUARY10 to receive 10% off any hat in the shop. This will be active through February 17.

(I like to have sales around holidays that I don't like!!!)


  1. I'm off to buy a hat! I have two new girls this month! Disco Boogie replacement as I sold mine many moons ago and really regretted it and Very Vicky! Love her. The BF got her for me for Valentine's Day so I'm naming her Valentine...I know, so original. It's better than DB's name which the BF named Sharpie...I dunno...LOL

  2. How exciting, Michele!! I hope you'll post pictures of DB and VV!! Valentine is a great name for her, I think! Haha, Sharpie... boys are so weird.

  3. I am particularly partial to the bottom two ;)