Heidi braids

Current hairstyle obsession:

My hair is really long (really long!! My sister called it "Pentacostal hair" but actually it's "I don't want to bother to cut my hair" hair) so I really have a lot to pin down because my braids are too long to just go over my head once. But I had a go at the Heidi braids anyway. This text/pictures tutorial and this video tutorial were both cute and helpful.

It wasn't until after I had finished that I remembered that I used to do this hairstyle on my Kirsten doll all the time...!!


  1. Aw!
    You look so beautiful with you hair up.
    I'm so happy you like my bobby pins :)
    and I never forgot about my other promise it's just that life is a bit messy with winter, kids and work hehehe
    I promise I'll get to it in short time.

  2. Aw thanks! I love the bobbypins! Also don't feel like you ought to send me anything else... I feel really lucky with what I've got :) Plus I know life is busy!!