March family portrait

I finally had a new family portrait session!! I have been a bit nuts about color-coordination in my girls' outfits as of late, so I kept putting it off and putting it off because it didn't look right somehow? I cannot help it, I just get like this about things that are next to each other much of the time. There's a lot of green, some yellow and brown, and pink happening. Frankly I am proud I didn't compulsively dress them all in yellow head-to-toe. (Although that sounds fun... I don't think I have enough yellow dresses.)

Looking forward to April!

ah, material things

This dress! Shut up! It's the type of thing I can't wear except for in my imagination.

Two recent purchases:

Bought this little floral satchel at Target the other day. I love my cheapo pewter metallic bow bag, but it's beyond time to move into springy stuff and it'll do me for summer and autumn too, I suspect!

This deer ear headband from sugarduckfairy on Etsy! She does a ton of adorable headbands and I was happy to get one without antlers, because believe you me, THERE ARE ANTLERS ALL AROUND ME.


Expecting tons of Blythe stuff in the mail, mostly scavenged from the lovely sundries section of BK. These yellow tights arrived today and Drew wanted to be the first to wear them.

Yesterday my little sister and I went shopping. I was dying to look at nail polish...

I'm ever on the lookout for a gray nail polish that isn't too greenish or too purple...

PS: I certainly hope you have all beheld the majesties of "Friday" by Rebecca Black, one of the worst songs ever, which is... actually pretty catchy, if horribly written/conceived and autotuned beyond belief. I'm obsessed with this because it's become a meme in a week's time and I've watched it go from two million hits to seventeen million (as of now), take over Tumblr, and spawn macros and gifs like an unending fountain of hilarity. Monday, all I did was sit around with my friend K laughing at it. Now it's finally Friday and I can say: FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GETTIN' DOWN ON FRIDAY!

A song I might like even better is unfortuantely about Charlie Sheen, but it's by the geniuses behind the Double Rainbow Song and the Bed Intruder Song. You just can't deny these things.

There we go. Favorite things lately: Friday, Winning, nail polish, checking the mail obsessively for my Blythe clothes!

still recovering from this weekend

How is it March? How is it March 9th? Where does the time go?

Over the weekend I got together with my best friend E (toting along Klara, Petaline, and Drew in my Epic Blythe Carry Bag) -- I hadn't seen her since Christmas, when I got to give her Simply Chocolate. I got to meet SC (named Cora) for real and see her in her cute red dress that E made! I love her complexion and think she is so sweet.

E and I watched a bunch of TV (the Doctor Who Christmas special, Supernatural, and Glee) and she knitted and I crocheted. Cora got a green hat with a pom-pom on top. I wound up taking home this little hat that E knitted up that didn't suit Cora. You know how you can tell when something fits your doll's personality or not! But I thought it was super-cute and pretty with Drew's burgundy-brown eyes.

I love it a lot! I don't tend to buy hats for my girls since I figure I can make them, but I can't knit, so really I should get some more knitted hats! I also just like that I might not normally choose yarn for myself in the colorway E used (I'm sadly, obsessively drawn to the same colors repeatedly) but I thought it was so cute knitted up. I am happy to have nicked it.

Seriously, I'm going to indulge in some Blythey retail therapy pretty soon.


I did manage to do A Doll A Day for two months -- ha!

Problems I ran into: sometimes just not being in the mood to fuss with it, or being too busy; not having daylight or places to take pictures; not being able to choose who to take a picture of sometimes! Yes, what a burden, to have too many choices! I also felt like doing it somehow cut into my time/creative energy. I don't know that for certain, but I felt like I crafted less, was in the mood to look at other people's Flickr streams less, was in the mood to blog less... that kind of thing!

One of the reasons I tag my shop with "a finger in every pie" is because I do have too many hobbies. I have been writing fiction lately and I didn't want ADAD to just become a chore I didn't think much about.

Nonetheless I really liked the spirit of participation and checking in on other people's ADAD shots, so I think ADAD is still pretty cool and wish everyone else who is doing it much luck!

Random outtakes: