I did manage to do A Doll A Day for two months -- ha!

Problems I ran into: sometimes just not being in the mood to fuss with it, or being too busy; not having daylight or places to take pictures; not being able to choose who to take a picture of sometimes! Yes, what a burden, to have too many choices! I also felt like doing it somehow cut into my time/creative energy. I don't know that for certain, but I felt like I crafted less, was in the mood to look at other people's Flickr streams less, was in the mood to blog less... that kind of thing!

One of the reasons I tag my shop with "a finger in every pie" is because I do have too many hobbies. I have been writing fiction lately and I didn't want ADAD to just become a chore I didn't think much about.

Nonetheless I really liked the spirit of participation and checking in on other people's ADAD shots, so I think ADAD is still pretty cool and wish everyone else who is doing it much luck!

Random outtakes:


  1. You've done much better than I ever have. I tried ADAD about 3 years ago and lasted about a week. I think I enjoy looking at photos more than I enjoy taking them because my photos just suck, to be honest.

  2. I'm so happy for you that you stopped doing ADAD if you are happier that way! I enjoyed seeing your photos every day, but I have no problem waiting for when you feel like taking photos and enjoy it again too. :)
    I think Plummery's pic is my favorite here, but they are all so fun to look at! :)

  3. I feel like that about my photos most of the time too, Michele! But I still really enjoy taking them when the magic is there in me, and editing them. But I must say I am exhausted right now!

    Thank you Efrat :D I think it will be fun to start taking pictures again when spring arrives!