ah, material things

This dress! Shut up! It's the type of thing I can't wear except for in my imagination.

Two recent purchases:

Bought this little floral satchel at Target the other day. I love my cheapo pewter metallic bow bag, but it's beyond time to move into springy stuff and it'll do me for summer and autumn too, I suspect!

This deer ear headband from sugarduckfairy on Etsy! She does a ton of adorable headbands and I was happy to get one without antlers, because believe you me, THERE ARE ANTLERS ALL AROUND ME.


  1. That dress is the reaason we play with dolls: to wear those things the we just can't ;) I love it also and think it would look great paired with my new wellies (rubber boots) for a romp in the country *grin!*

    Love those little deer ears - they are indeed awesome and a sweet change to antlers.

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  3. (removed my comment because I mistyped one of the links, oops! :))
    So, my comment again:
    I loooove the dress! It's so lovely!! And if you like ModCloth, you should definitely check out shopruche.com and spottedmoth.com too - they are *gorgeous*!!
    The bag is super adorable! *Love* the floral pattern. Actually, I really should buy a new bag... The one I've had for a few years now is so tattered that even my big brother made a comment that I should get a new one! Ha! :)


  4. It would look adorable with wellies, Beka! Or cowboy boots or even some tough-looking biker-chick boots!!

    Thanks for the links, Efrat! I haven't been to spottedmoth.com yet! You should definitely treat yourself to a new bag, it sounds fun to shop for a good staple type of bag to carry for several years :)