still recovering from this weekend

How is it March? How is it March 9th? Where does the time go?

Over the weekend I got together with my best friend E (toting along Klara, Petaline, and Drew in my Epic Blythe Carry Bag) -- I hadn't seen her since Christmas, when I got to give her Simply Chocolate. I got to meet SC (named Cora) for real and see her in her cute red dress that E made! I love her complexion and think she is so sweet.

E and I watched a bunch of TV (the Doctor Who Christmas special, Supernatural, and Glee) and she knitted and I crocheted. Cora got a green hat with a pom-pom on top. I wound up taking home this little hat that E knitted up that didn't suit Cora. You know how you can tell when something fits your doll's personality or not! But I thought it was super-cute and pretty with Drew's burgundy-brown eyes.

I love it a lot! I don't tend to buy hats for my girls since I figure I can make them, but I can't knit, so really I should get some more knitted hats! I also just like that I might not normally choose yarn for myself in the colorway E used (I'm sadly, obsessively drawn to the same colors repeatedly) but I thought it was so cute knitted up. I am happy to have nicked it.

Seriously, I'm going to indulge in some Blythey retail therapy pretty soon.