Expecting tons of Blythe stuff in the mail, mostly scavenged from the lovely sundries section of BK. These yellow tights arrived today and Drew wanted to be the first to wear them.

Yesterday my little sister and I went shopping. I was dying to look at nail polish...

I'm ever on the lookout for a gray nail polish that isn't too greenish or too purple...

PS: I certainly hope you have all beheld the majesties of "Friday" by Rebecca Black, one of the worst songs ever, which is... actually pretty catchy, if horribly written/conceived and autotuned beyond belief. I'm obsessed with this because it's become a meme in a week's time and I've watched it go from two million hits to seventeen million (as of now), take over Tumblr, and spawn macros and gifs like an unending fountain of hilarity. Monday, all I did was sit around with my friend K laughing at it. Now it's finally Friday and I can say: FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GETTIN' DOWN ON FRIDAY!

A song I might like even better is unfortuantely about Charlie Sheen, but it's by the geniuses behind the Double Rainbow Song and the Bed Intruder Song. You just can't deny these things.

There we go. Favorite things lately: Friday, Winning, nail polish, checking the mail obsessively for my Blythe clothes!


  1. its friday friday friday! haha no just kidding. but i must agree im ALWAYS on the lookout for grey nailpolish. I tried making my own with with and black nailpolish but turns out I didnt have enough white ! :(

  2. Wow, that's a pretty good idea! I've tried several neutral gray shades (and silvers) but they all seem to go off-color...