easy as one-two-three

Made a trio of frost hats for someone on Etsy! I hadn't been to the craft store in a couple of months when I was asked if I could make three white hats, and so didn't know whether they would even have the frost colorway or not (they were very picked over last time I went). But they did!

Here's something I'm excited about: my friend L is coming for a visit! She was here last March, too, and then also in the summer of 2009. But this time she'll be bringing her CS, Clementine July, with her, and we're going to have a mini-Blythe-meet with my friend E and her SC, Cora. I recently also found out that Moofala (who made my blue-haired custom girl, Drew) lives in my neck of the woods, so the three of us combined won't even have the most Blythes in the city...!!

bunny nuggets!

Last weekend, Blythey hangouts were had: Gavin and I went to see E and her SC, Cora. It was an FBL party (not to be confused with an NFL party). Gavin got a new hat from E!! It's so fly, I'm going to have a photo session with her later. Also, E knitted up some bunny nuggets for my girls! They are basically the cutest things I have ever seen.

They all have "M" names. You know, like the Duggars, but bunnies, and more pagan.

Here's Milton...


And Maxine... (she is the mama)... and she's paaaank.

Where ya goin', Milty?

something super-cute

The other day my mom handed this to me and asked if I remembered it. I do! It hung in my bedroom when I was really little! She drew it way back in the early '80s, and it's super-adorable and few of the squares are things from my life, like the white cat we had when I was little -- and in one square, my dad! If I had to guess, I'd say it's about 13x13.

It's so old that it's a bit torn in places and bent up, just floating around in all my mom's stuff. She told me to find a place for it. I'd like to get it framed and keep it for always...

spring in ya step

Greetings, loved ones!

Recently I gave Petaline a gaze lift. She came out of her box with a noticably low gaze. When lined up with my other girls, both FBL and RBL, she was clearly looking down a lot further than the rest of them. Thanks to lots of playing around with the inside of Beatrix's head last month, this month I was able to give Miss Petaline an easy, painless fifteen-minute gaze lift. (Most of those minutes were spent just slowly getting her head open - the gaze lifting part took like two minutes.) Now she has more of a default-height gaze, like most of the rest of my girls. My only look-uppers are Drew and Beatrix.

MOST DELIGHTFULLY, I have been practicing my knitting diligently the past few days!! I learned how to bind off last night!! It went not-so-well the first time, but the second time I realized it was basically just like the last stitch of crocheting, so now it's no biggie. I'm still practicing doing practice squares. I know it sounds redundant if I say it like that, but I still mess up so frequently that even doing a practice square is a major achievement for me, and I want to get to where I really feel confident with the process of everything before I even attempt a real project.

Crocheting is so much easier for me, since your hook can slip out or you can drop a stitch and easily go back and pick the stitch back up or fix where you dropped the stitch. When I drop a stitch in knitting, I am SCREWED. I assume with time and frequent squinting at my practice squares, I will someday be able to determine where I went wrong or lose my place in a pattern less frequently, but right now, it's still newbie knitting for me.

The sky this evening, facing east:

What you can't see is all the dogwoods and redbud trees out in beautiful spring bloom!

blue canary in the outlet by the light switch

Make a little birdhouse cookie in your soul!