easy as one-two-three

Made a trio of frost hats for someone on Etsy! I hadn't been to the craft store in a couple of months when I was asked if I could make three white hats, and so didn't know whether they would even have the frost colorway or not (they were very picked over last time I went). But they did!

Here's something I'm excited about: my friend L is coming for a visit! She was here last March, too, and then also in the summer of 2009. But this time she'll be bringing her CS, Clementine July, with her, and we're going to have a mini-Blythe-meet with my friend E and her SC, Cora. I recently also found out that Moofala (who made my blue-haired custom girl, Drew) lives in my neck of the woods, so the three of us combined won't even have the most Blythes in the city...!!


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