spring in ya step

Greetings, loved ones!

Recently I gave Petaline a gaze lift. She came out of her box with a noticably low gaze. When lined up with my other girls, both FBL and RBL, she was clearly looking down a lot further than the rest of them. Thanks to lots of playing around with the inside of Beatrix's head last month, this month I was able to give Miss Petaline an easy, painless fifteen-minute gaze lift. (Most of those minutes were spent just slowly getting her head open - the gaze lifting part took like two minutes.) Now she has more of a default-height gaze, like most of the rest of my girls. My only look-uppers are Drew and Beatrix.

MOST DELIGHTFULLY, I have been practicing my knitting diligently the past few days!! I learned how to bind off last night!! It went not-so-well the first time, but the second time I realized it was basically just like the last stitch of crocheting, so now it's no biggie. I'm still practicing doing practice squares. I know it sounds redundant if I say it like that, but I still mess up so frequently that even doing a practice square is a major achievement for me, and I want to get to where I really feel confident with the process of everything before I even attempt a real project.

Crocheting is so much easier for me, since your hook can slip out or you can drop a stitch and easily go back and pick the stitch back up or fix where you dropped the stitch. When I drop a stitch in knitting, I am SCREWED. I assume with time and frequent squinting at my practice squares, I will someday be able to determine where I went wrong or lose my place in a pattern less frequently, but right now, it's still newbie knitting for me.

The sky this evening, facing east:

What you can't see is all the dogwoods and redbud trees out in beautiful spring bloom!


  1. i am finding crocheting a lot easier too... i have the same problem as you when i loose a stich in knitting.... and it happens often! lol

    my PWP has a serious problem with her down gaze, but i don´t want to saw her head open. She is my first Blythe i ever owned and i won´t touch her ever! so... i guess it gives her character... but makes her hard to photograph sometimes.

  2. I know what you mean! Petaline was really hard to photograph, which is why I fixed her gaze... but I won't ever touch my first Blythe, Aury. She's perfect the way she is!

  3. As an utterly hopeless knitter I totally admire your determination to master it. Those little practice squares will come in handy one day - mark my words! Inspiration will strike and hey-presto a craft/diy will come to mind for them all :D So think of them as making you way towards finishing that project :)

    As for the gaze-correct: again awesome! I am still so anxious when it comes to customising my girls - I totally freaked the time one on Ferret's newly glued eyechips fell out into her head. Had to ease the thing open so as the chip could fall through the gap - totally terrifying o_O Anyways, Petaline looks fab and her model-type is definately growing on me...

  4. I love your blog...I just found out my husband bought me my first Blythe doll! It is Very Vicky! I have recently learned about them and have been watching e-bay/amazon almost everyday. I'm glad to see you like your Petaline!


  5. Thanks, Beka!! I doubt I'll ever master knitting (or Blythe customizing) but it is still fun to try...!

    And thank you, Bronsonite! Congrats on your Very Vicky! I hope you love her! :)

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