oh my gosh

Oh, I want this toadstool headband by little dear so bad!! Too bad I'm saving all my pennies right now! :(

open up your heart!

I'm completely obsessed with this song!! I've been listening to it for three days on permanent repeat. What a poppy-fresh music video!

However, even better -- check out this live version, because it's actually even more amazing than the studio version, with a Motown flavor and unexpected vocals, which at one point reminded me of Christina Aguilera (but in a good way) and at another, Michael Jackson (also in a totally good way). I was totally surprised. I can't wait for her album...


I have so much to catch up on...

But first I just wanted to say that my beloved pet dumbo rat, Gryphon, passed away today. He was quite an old gent, and I had been expecting it for a couple of weeks. In fact, when I realized he was getting old a few months ago, I cried in advance just knowing he was going to leave. Luckily he died of old age.

I had Gryphon for two years. He was already eight months old (an adult rat) when I adopted him from a lovely friend of the family. When he was younger he was an energetic frat boy kind of rat, who would throw things out of his cage and was always excited. Even in his old age he was enthusiastic and curious.

I am lucky to have had him, he was one of the best and most social and sweet rats I've had. He's the only rat I've ever had who boggled his eyes at me, which (although I know it sounds really weird) is a sign of great contentment and affection. As he didn't have a cage-mate, I spent a lot of time tickling him and letting him wrestle with my hand.

In the past two months, another set of adopted rats I've had for about a year, Pollux and Aldebaran, also both passed, and also of old age. I wasn't nearly as bonded to them as Gryphon, but in the space of just these two months, all three of my rattie boys have gone. I just wanted to post about how great they all were... but I shall especially miss my buddy Gryphon.

Blythe party!

It's been a while since I blogged, but I'm pretty cool with that. I've been super busy!

May had some amazing highlights, such as when my online BFF (L) visited and we met up with my RL BFF (E) and we dressed up our dollies!

We took "extended family" portraits with L's CS, Clementine July, and E's SC Cora and her new FrFr, Josie! We mixed and matched and borrowed clothes out of each others' wardrobes. Here's all the RBL girls standing and all the FBL girls sitting:

I've always wanted a picture of blondies Aury and Clementine together! They twinned it up with sleepforever dresses! They look like creepy twins from a scary movie or episode of Supernatural...! I find this delightful.

I seriously went into ANTM mode and took individual portraits of everyone too... I have to say, Cassiopeia Spice is a lovely girl. Her hair is very golden in person, and almost all CS customs I've seen are adorable. I wouldn't mind having her!

E dressed Klara and I loved it so much, she's still wearing this outfit!

Aury in glasses cracks me up. This is my phone wallpaper. Aury, you will always be my baby. Singing Mariah Carey to you right now~

I really love my Blythe family just the way it is right now! I still dream of a pink-haired girl (I think Vinter Arden is more of a peach-haired girl), but I don't know what pink-haired girl. It may be that she is a custom out there somewhere! I liked having Clementine July standing with my family while L was here, it really seemed to round off the odd number nicely, so I think someday, I will definitely hit the number eight.