Blythe party!

It's been a while since I blogged, but I'm pretty cool with that. I've been super busy!

May had some amazing highlights, such as when my online BFF (L) visited and we met up with my RL BFF (E) and we dressed up our dollies!

We took "extended family" portraits with L's CS, Clementine July, and E's SC Cora and her new FrFr, Josie! We mixed and matched and borrowed clothes out of each others' wardrobes. Here's all the RBL girls standing and all the FBL girls sitting:

I've always wanted a picture of blondies Aury and Clementine together! They twinned it up with sleepforever dresses! They look like creepy twins from a scary movie or episode of Supernatural...! I find this delightful.

I seriously went into ANTM mode and took individual portraits of everyone too... I have to say, Cassiopeia Spice is a lovely girl. Her hair is very golden in person, and almost all CS customs I've seen are adorable. I wouldn't mind having her!

E dressed Klara and I loved it so much, she's still wearing this outfit!

Aury in glasses cracks me up. This is my phone wallpaper. Aury, you will always be my baby. Singing Mariah Carey to you right now~

I really love my Blythe family just the way it is right now! I still dream of a pink-haired girl (I think Vinter Arden is more of a peach-haired girl), but I don't know what pink-haired girl. It may be that she is a custom out there somewhere! I liked having Clementine July standing with my family while L was here, it really seemed to round off the odd number nicely, so I think someday, I will definitely hit the number eight.


  1. What a lovely family! :) I have a CS and I love her. <3 She's beautiful. Unfortunately I only have her, just can't decide which one to go for next...

  2. Wow, I'm sure you had a great time!! We had a blythe meeting here in Israel too (have you seen the photo on Ilil's photostream? ) and it was so much fun!
    That picture of your lovely mess is awesome! Your collection of clothes is so impressive. Can you believe I just made my first purchase of Blythe clothes?! (well, unless you count two pairs of boots I bought from Ilil, but nothing more than that). I've been collecting Blythes for about a year now, and I finally did it! Can't wait for the packages to arrive. :)

    I love your dolly family! Can't wait to see which girl you are going to get next... If you want a pink-haired girl, what about Stella Savannah? She has light pink hair that may look great with Klara's. Or maybe you want it bright pink?

    P.S. So good to have you back! :)

  3. Thanks, Ditte!! CS is a perfect first Blythe, IMO! She'll look great with anybody next to her :)

    Efrat! I want to see your new Blythe clothes!! I have thought about a Stella Savannah (especially since I love girls with a fringe) and I do prefer paler pinks and red-orange pinks to pinks with any kind of blue tint to them. I'm just not sure! :O