After two months of waiting, bad luck, practicing on any other guitar I could get my hands on, and learning how to play such amazing/unfortunate songs such as "Baby" by Justin Bieber, I finally got my guitar today.

It's a Yamaha APX500 acoustic-electric in vintage white, which I chose because it's got a slim body (much, much easier for me personally to hold) and a built-in tuner and I read reviews about it being easier for women with small hands to hold/play and how it's very nice quality for the price. Also, it's pretty, and the white version just felt like "me" more than any other guitars I had looked at.

The white version is a European release, so my local music store couldn't order it from Yamaha; online, it's only on eBay and such, not on the Yamaha website. So instead, accepting that the white guitar was out of my reach, I ordered the same model, but in blue (it really is also very pretty, but I had really wanted the white one!); however, they couldn't tell me when it would arrive. After a couple of weeks, I found out that it was back-ordered and wouldn't be in until October and was so distressed.

I ordered from the music store in the first place because I was uncomfortable ordering one online, as I wasn't sure what to do if it came to me warped from this blistering summer heat, and I am just a newbie player, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to tell if it was in acceptable condition or not! If it wasn't, would I have to ship it back? Would they even take it? Ordering Blythe dolls from eBay is one thing, but a guitar is so much larger, and to be honest, I have major anxiety when it comes to navigating such situations where I don't know what to do. Some people would just shrug and say, "Oh, then I'll return it. If they won't take it, then I'll just sell it myself." But I don't have that No Big Deal gene, so it was all very worrisome for me.

My ever-supportive BFF J was the one who actually found a store in our state that had it in this color, emailed them about it and found that it had a really good return/replacement policy, so I canceled my order at the local music store yesterday... and boom, one day later, here it is, my little ghost guitar.

(And Klara.)

it certainly is summer

Wow! I took Gavin outside for some pictures and just about died of heatstroke in the two minutes I was out there in the crunchy, sun-bleached grass. Gee, is it July?

Here's my to-do list for this week:

  • write on my short story, which is getting way long...
  • ship a frost hat to France!
  • keep practicing the guitar every day
  • watch Point Break with my Keanu-lovin' boyfriend
  • see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 again!

  • I'm still waiting for the guitar I bought to come to me. The wait is excruciating. But Gavin is keeping me company today!

    stuff I'm into right now...

    painting my nails!

    Blues, super-pale shades (I have Basically White Pink, Basically White Blue, and Basically White Grey) are favorites right now... and I always love gold!! I also picked up some 99-cent black Wet'n'Wild polish at the drugstore the other day. It's great for a fast one-coat kind of look.

    I've actually been playing with makeup a lot more than usual lately.

    Pretty Little Liars!

    Season two has started airing and it's just as kitschy-delicious, creepy, and full of eye candy as ever! Seriously, what a perfect guilty pleasure show. Spencer's my gal and Toby's always been my favorite dude, so the Toby/Spencer relationship is something I hope isn't scrapped.

    Best of all:

    I'm learning how to play the guitar. I actually started in late May and it's what I've been doing every day single day for six weeks. I've been learning on the guitar above, my dad's ancient classical guitar. (Seriously, I strummed and plucked on this thing when I was a toddler... I'm twenty-eight now!) I have always wanted to learn how to play but past attempts have always failed... but all of a sudden, I can't put the guitar down. I spend a lot of time looking up chords to songs I know so I can practice them.

    Just yesterday I finally went to the music store and bought my own guitar. I actually have grown fond of my dad's guitar but its neck is huge and I need one that I can learn how to tune myself (the one I bought is an electric-acoustic and has a tuner on it) and hold on my lap easier. I'm excited to death... and I'm also deeply depressed because they had to order it for me and they couldn't really be specific with me on when it might arrive. "Anywhere from a week to ten days to a month," they said. I about cried. I want my own guitar on my lap already!

    But in my estimations, that's also about how long it takes to get a Blythe from overseas, so I guess I'm actually accustomed to the wait...

    Speaking, here's Klara in a new sleepforever dress. It's so gorgeous and perfect for her. She looks like a lovely buttercup princess.

    star cookies

    With the help of my little sister, I baked and decorated some star-shaped cookies for a Fourth of July party I'm going to tomorrow. I've been doing a lot of socializing lately and it has WORN ME OUT.

    (Do you see the Mario Bros. star-inspired cookie? My sister and I have decided to do a whole Mario cookie collection sometime.)