stuff I'm into right now...

painting my nails!

Blues, super-pale shades (I have Basically White Pink, Basically White Blue, and Basically White Grey) are favorites right now... and I always love gold!! I also picked up some 99-cent black Wet'n'Wild polish at the drugstore the other day. It's great for a fast one-coat kind of look.

I've actually been playing with makeup a lot more than usual lately.

Pretty Little Liars!

Season two has started airing and it's just as kitschy-delicious, creepy, and full of eye candy as ever! Seriously, what a perfect guilty pleasure show. Spencer's my gal and Toby's always been my favorite dude, so the Toby/Spencer relationship is something I hope isn't scrapped.

Best of all:

I'm learning how to play the guitar. I actually started in late May and it's what I've been doing every day single day for six weeks. I've been learning on the guitar above, my dad's ancient classical guitar. (Seriously, I strummed and plucked on this thing when I was a toddler... I'm twenty-eight now!) I have always wanted to learn how to play but past attempts have always failed... but all of a sudden, I can't put the guitar down. I spend a lot of time looking up chords to songs I know so I can practice them.

Just yesterday I finally went to the music store and bought my own guitar. I actually have grown fond of my dad's guitar but its neck is huge and I need one that I can learn how to tune myself (the one I bought is an electric-acoustic and has a tuner on it) and hold on my lap easier. I'm excited to death... and I'm also deeply depressed because they had to order it for me and they couldn't really be specific with me on when it might arrive. "Anywhere from a week to ten days to a month," they said. I about cried. I want my own guitar on my lap already!

But in my estimations, that's also about how long it takes to get a Blythe from overseas, so I guess I'm actually accustomed to the wait...

Speaking, here's Klara in a new sleepforever dress. It's so gorgeous and perfect for her. She looks like a lovely buttercup princess.


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