doing it Disney Princess style

I saw this around at least a year or so ago but just recently rediscovered it -- it's so cool! A few artists did a series of digital paintings where they took a blank Disney Princess coloring book page, took a piece of classic art, and used it as inspiration to color in (and paint over) the blank lines.

Katie DeSousa did this portrait of Aurora and I think it's really gorgeous. I actually watched her livestream of it because it's so fascinating to see blank black and white lineart gain life before your very eyes. How wonderful to have so much talent! It really makes me want to color!

Sleeping Beauty is probably in my top five favorite Disney movies (although it scared me as a child and to this day the words "spinning wheel" and "spindle" both send a chill down my spine), and I believe Aurora's forest dress is my top favorite of any of the dresses the princesses wear, ever. I like the blue/pink ballgown, too, particularly its pointy sleeves, but this nonsensical peasanty thing with the corset, confusing collar, and terribly '50s skirt and headband is the way to go. Also, bare feet!!

(credit: Aurora cosplay)

In case you now have "Once Upon A Dream" stuck in your head, like I do...


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