It's been a while since I've eyeballed any Blythes, as I was saving up for my ghosty guitar. I've also been thinking I must have a pink-haired girl, but none of the pink-haired girls I've seen are right for some reason. The closest may be Dainty Biscuit, but I've come to think she needs to be a custom. I don't want hot pink or something too blue-toned. I like a more reddish muted pink, like a melon color.

Besides pink-haired girls, there are lots of girls I like: Cousin Olivia (I think she's actually Ice Rune's cousin), Raspberry Sorbet, Mrs. Retro Mama...  I love Simply Thumpty Thump and Simply Bubble Boom even though I'm not typically attracted to the fantasy haired girls. I always like them in pictures and customized.

However, the girl I am really checking out right anew now is Prima Dolly Saffy!!

1. Saffy has a name!, 2. 18/365: ahoy matey!, 3. got some digging to do..., 4. dear diary, 5. We needed some new year's color, 6. byebye, 7. Friends, 8. Care for a 7-Up?, 9. Think Spring {for Stacy}

She's been around for a while, and actually, she is one of the first Blythes I remember seeing. She is definitely the first Blythe I ever saved a picture of. There's a Shirley Temple-esque, retro sweetness about her and she can look very innocent or very glam and sophisticated. She looks great stock and even greater customized. She's one of those whose stock makes me skip over her official pictures but who catches my attention on Flickr.


  1. i love Saffy´s short hair. She looks always cute, customized or stock. A Saffy would definitely fit into your family :D

  2. Yes! Saffy's hair is a wonderful length! So much to think about...