if love was red

Spent my night cutting felt and attempting something new for me! So... much... felt...! It's so rainy today, it's very dark outside, so I can't take any actual pictures... not in my deep dark cave. CRAFTING IN THE DARK IS COOL, YOU GUYS!!

While I was crafting, shuffle kept throwing Savage Garden into my ears. I'm... okay with this!

Stuff I've been doing lately:
  • practicing the guitar
  • watching Adventure Time -- it's absolutely brilliant
  • writing, writing, writing
  • rereading the Harry Potter series (I'm about to polish off Goblet of Fire... sooo good!)


  1. I totally miss Savage Garden! I was such a big fan back in the day. <3

  2. OMG! Just seeing your comment about them made me have to put them on again! :D