My girls are all getting dressed for autumn and colder weather this past week... I'm really ready for cooler weather! I've been watching Sleepy Hollow (I'm in the thick of my annual Katrina van Tassel obsession) wearing this adorable knitted fox hat around since I got it (from awberry)! It's still a bit warm here during the day, but who cares?? You know how I love an animal-eared hat!

Other stuff I love this month:
  • Adventure Time
  • Gossip Girl (it's so bad, but I'm invested in Dan and Blair's relationship, okay! They are soulmates!)
  • "Hungry Heart" by Bruce Springsteen
  • the mint green manicure my sister gave me
  • writing... I've been trying to write a lot!


  1. Your girl is so, so beautiful! Autumn suits her ^.^ I'm also incredibly jealous of that amazing hat O_O!

  2. Thank you Immie!! Plummery is definitely like autumn personified! Also I totally recommend the hat :)